What is a MANTRApreneur???

We all know what an ENTREPRENEUR is, but Mantra what? My name is Alexandra and I created a beautiful bottled water company called AQUAMANTRA where I put affirmations or mantras on our bottles to inspire people to use the tools of the universe to keep focused and on track with their divine destiny. I created I AM LOVED water to remind people to love themselves and I AM GRATEFUL water to be grateful for everything around you. Now I want to introduce to you some thought patterns that allowed me to expand, grow and soar far beyond I could ever imagine. I have outlined the criteria I believe defines a MANTRApreneur and if you create from the playground of a MANTRApreneur I dare say that your journey to defining and actualizing your vision, business or product idea will materialize and align with your intentions much faster, and with much more ease and joy than you ever thought possible. I know... I did it!

1. A MANTRApreneur is a person who is passionate about creating into this reality an idea, product or business from their truth, personal experience or vision.

2. A MANTRApreneur is someone who is creating a socially responsible product, service or idea that serves all stakeholders, either in local community or on a global scale, not just the bottom line.

3. A MANTRApreneur is a perceptive individual who is willing to co-create with the universe towards that vision using uncommon and intuitive tools or processes to achieve the highest result as well as to trust the guidance they receive, make decisions from a space of knowing and not just from the logical mind which allows them to generate from an expanded space of being rather than a minuscule space of just doing.

A MANTRApreneur steps into the light of their true passion and knows at the core of their being that all things are possible when they are connected to their true vision. Which is my hope for you!

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One of our favorite Musical MANTRApreneurs is Gina Rene! Listen to this amazing and uplifting brilliant song called "Be the Change" by Gina Rene and the talented Michael Bernard Beckwith from the Agape International Spiritual Center. This song gets MANTRApreneurs into the vibration of creation!


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